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The Hundred-Forty-Sixth (Distraction)

As we were driving all over the place this week, I happened to see a billboard on the side of the highway. It said, "Right or Wrong...Who decides?" and had a picture of the Bible with a phone number to call that ended in "truth." It caused me to start thinking, which I guess was the point of it, but rather than wondering what they meant, since I already knew that, the things I see around me started coming to mind.

You and I both know who decides what's right and wrong. Yeshua will judge those in His body (2 Corinthians 5:10). Then, at the end of this heaven and this earth, those not yet judged will stand before YHWH for judgment (Revelation 20:11-13). These judgments are both based on what we have done in our current tabernacle (our body).

Whether we do right or do wrong, the only individuals that can make the decision on if our deeds were on one side or the other are the two beings that not only have never done wrong, but were the ones that created this universe (Genesis 1:1, John 1:1-3). They were the ones that decided on what would be right and what would be wrong when they created everything, including us. Man, in all of our "wisdom," has since determined that we are "evolved" and "advanced" enough to make that decision on our own.

Obviously, we know that is a flawed way of thinking, and we also know our current time is not unique in that way of thinking (Romans 1:21-25). We've been doing this since the beginning of creation (Genesis 6:5). This is what happens when you don't believe in, or more accurately ignore (Romans 1:19-21), the existence of the One who created right and wrong, along with everything else.

But along with that ignorance comes the source of that which causes even believers to forget about what we know is coming. Because man has decided on his own what is right and wrong, and there is no external standard by which these two categories are determined, the line between the two gets drawn and redrawn based not even on the decision of the majority but the voice of whatever group is loudest and most dominating. Without the external standard of right and wrong, and constant focus on ensuring this standard is maintained, anything goes.

We also know there is a certain someone that has been involved in the decline of man into depravity and debauchery (Genesis 3:1-7, Revelation 12:9). Through his efforts and those of man in general, there was an initial judgment which involved destruction by water (Genesis 6:11-13) and there will be a final judgment involving destruction by fire (2 Peter 3:10). But this is all a war between good and evil, YHWH and Satan, and while we (and I believe also Satan) know YHWH will win in the end, Satan's goal was not to win, but to destroy YHWH's most beloved creation: the beings He created in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26).

Satan knows as well as we do that our spirits were created to be eternal, so to achieve his goal he needs to ensure as many of those spirits as he can will be destroyed in the second death; the death of which there is no return, unlike the death most will see in our current tabernacles. One method to do this is to get people to not only disbelieve that this death will occur, but distract them and deceive them into thinking and doing things that are on the side of wrong vice the side of right.

These distractions come in all shapes and sizes and have permeated every aspect of our lives. Perhaps one of the most obvious ones is social media (for some of us, anyway). It is designed to suck you in and keep your attention, taking up more and more of your time with nothing in return. It's sold as a way to keep in touch with those you love, but ends up being a way to pull you out of your reality and your present and put you into a virtual environment that evokes certain emotions and even causes symptoms similar to addiction withdrawals when you stop using it.

Not all distractions are that interactive though. There are many that play out external to us and in the world, but get forced to us via different communications paths like print, radio and television. One of these is a very long-lived topic that has recently gained a resurgence: aliens.

This topic has been around since around the 15th century, and I'll admit I was once a believer in the possibility of life on other worlds. I have since, however realized that this belief is not biblical and in fact leaves one open to the possibility of being deceived when knowing the truth will be crucial (Matthew 24:24).

One of the things you should always question, if you aren't already, is why anything in this world is being presented to you, or even forced upon you. Why are all the news articles about alien life and whistleblowers on alien technology known by the military being brought up and focused on lately? Are they simply distractions from other news topics that we really should know about? Truths that would be revealed and provided to the masses if the media didn't have a convenient excuse to cover something else? Or are they a set up for something bigger?

We've touched before on the possibility of this topic being used to deceive people into thinking either Satan/fallen angels are aliens and they're here to "help" man advance or that Yeshua and His armies (Revelation 19:11-16) are aliens here to dominate and control man and we need to band together to fight against Him. But regardless of whether aliens are a part of a larger plan of deception or simply a distraction meant to get you to focus on something other than YHWH and His word, we need to remain vigilant and seek His truth.

As you go through this week and you see all the things happening in the world, the news, tv shows and movies, and hear what everyone is talking about, ask yourself what you think the purpose is for all of it. Take the opportunity to renew your focus on scripture, asking the Holy Spirit for clarity, wisdom and knowledge in His word so that you will not be deceived as we progress to the return of our Lord and Savior Yeshua Ha'Mashiach.

Shabbat shalom and may YHWH bless you!

-Rob and Sara Gene

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