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The Hundred-Thirty-Sixth (Brighter Days)

As I go through the week, I wonder what He will provide for the week's message. Sometimes it's very clear, other times there are a few different topics that cross my mind. This week it was the latter. I didn't feel settled by the topics earlier in the week though, so I asked Him this morning what it should be. Almost immediately, the song "Brighter Days," by Blessing Offor, came on the radio and I knew that was it.

If you haven't been following along, there are a lot of things happening in the world. A lot of evil things, a lot of evil plans, a lot of distractions, and yes, there are some good things happening, too. I'm reading the New Testament through right now (not in order), and while sometimes the world, and even some Christians, believe that man is so much more advanced now than thousands of years ago, the reality is that we are not.

When you look through history, you might think that based on the fact that we only just started legally allowing things like homosexual unions and abortions those sorts of things only just started becoming prominent. With all the associated publicity of those laws being enacted, and them being touted as "progressive," as if we're somehow making society better by them, you can see that part of the mind game in getting that kind of evil accepted by the public is the gaslighting that occurs to make people think they're the problem. Like they're the ones holding society back from advancing if they don't agree with what evil is propagating.

The fact of the matter is though, Paul wrote about these same issues that were occurring in his time (Romans 1). They did not just begin in our time, they were prevalent in his time and only suppressed for a bit. And my belief is that in actuality it is just the natural progression of any society over time. In Paul's time, while the Roman Empire was only about 50-60 years old, it started as a republic, just like the United States did, in 509 BC. And of course, before that, each country that was incorporated into the republic/empire had their own societal history as well.

If you look it up, you'll find that the republic of Rome initially had laws against such things. But by the time Paul was around, those things had become prevalent, just like it has in the United States. It just took time for that evil to root and take hold, eventually growing into something accepted by society. You see, no matter what society or human governance is formed, the result will always be the same: self-destruction, whether through war, decadence, or simply sin itself.

I mean, to finish on the topic of the Roman Empire, you might find it interesting that out of the causes of its downfall, the United States is experiencing the majority of the same issues (weakening of the military, government corruption, military overspending, economic troubles, and invasion by foreign peoples). Now, as all the world's made up monetary establishments are crumbling, we're being distracted by a show of pointless wars, politicized legal proceedings, and staged riots, they're transitioning us to a fully electronic monetary system that sets the foundation for a method to control the people with the push of a button. For whatever agenda they wish.

I'm not trying to be alarmist, I'm just being real. We saw the lengths evil went to forcing an un-proven, and ultimately not only ineffective but deadly, vaccine on the whole world. And yes, I agree that much of that had to do with the current individuals running our country, but need I remind you that we still have almost two years left of their continued governance? And with the speed at which things are happening that is plenty of time for them to fully implement their goals. They're already rolling out their central bank digital currency in July of this year.

Do I know what to do in response to this? No. I mean, you have a lot of people talking about buying gold and silver, but will you be able to walk into the store, if they cut you off from your digital dollars, and give the cashier a gold coin? An ounce is valued at a little over $1,000 right now, but will it be worth anything to them? They won't be able to use it anywhere, because everything's digital. There is no making deposits to your account with the cash in your wallet anymore since there is no cash, so you can't even take it to a bank to deposit it.

Taking it further, even if the gold was worth it to them, and because it's so rare just an ounce is enough to buy a house, for example. Do you bring along your own portable smelting equipment and melt off a bit for the loaf of bread you need to buy? Or maybe you just shave it off, but is there a scale there for you to measure how much you need to give?

I don't know for sure if that's going to be the case, but I have a hard time believing precious metals will be worth anything if things collapse. We've been away from precious metals as payment for so long, I don't think it would be a viable method of currency. But perhaps it's good to be prepared in case it is? I don't actually know what we should do to prepare, or what we can do now to try to maintain our freedoms, if there even is anything we can do. The only thing I can do, and that I cannot implore you enough to do, is continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead.

Scripture tells us you cannot know the path of the wind just like you can't understand the work of YHWH (Ecclesiastes 11:5), and our Yeshua said those born of the spirit are like the wind. You don't know where it's coming or going, but you can hear its sound (John 3:8). In other words, you don't know its cause, but you can see its effects. Being born of the spirit will enable you to be led by the Holy Spirit, who knows all and can guide you to protection or preparation, as required.

We know though, that while it is pretty dark right now in the world, and when you "look out the window" all the signs point to it getting darker a lot more quickly than I think anyone realized, we know there are brighter days in our future. We know that at some point, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead will be raised and those in Christ will be changed and be imperishable (1 Corinthians 15:52).

Despite the darkness that the world is in, the confusion being sown, the fear being propagated, we can rest and be comforted in the hope of our future. Our eternal life. Our belief in Him, and trust in His promise (John 11:25-26) gives us that rest and comfort.

I find it kind of funny when I read that interaction between Yeshua and Martha. If you haven't read it, take a moment to do so (John 11:17-29). This occurred upon Yeshua's visit to her and Mary when Lazarus had died, and if you notice she is a full believer in the resurrection. Yeshua responded by telling her He is the resurrection, and what was her response? She basically said she already knew that and then walked away to get Mary. It's a very quirky situation because it's almost like Yeshua thought He was telling her something she didn't know, but she clearly did because she had no surprise, no questions, no nothing. She just responded and walked away!

It's not just the resurrection we have to look forward to, we also know one day we will be with Yeshua forevermore (1 Thessalonians 4:17). While I don't think anyone has come to the exact right answer about that timeline, my belief is that when He returns it will be initially as the King during His millennial reign on earth (Revelation 20:4,6).

Following that, we have something even more to look forward to. The new heaven and new earth will be created and new Jerusalem will be brought down from heaven. And while that all will be joyful enough as it is (there's your gold, by the way...a city built with it! Revelation 21:18), we will also then be with YHWH forever! And He will wipe our eyes, and there will be no death, no mourning, no crying, and no pain (Revelation 21:4).

Doesn't that just sound amazing? I'm looking forward to those brighter days. And yes, they will literally be brighter as well! (Revelation 21:23) Pray for His leading, and get into His word as we continue for a short time through these dark days. He has you in His hand, and will answer when you call.

Shabbat shalom and God bless you!

-Rob and Sara Gene

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