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The Hundred-Twenty-Second (Provision)

I hope you had a great week. Ours was interesting, but relaxing....most of the time! This week we're going to take a moment to remember YHWH's promises, and His record (including what I believe to be a more recent example!), on providing for His people. I believe remembering this will become important in the future, so it's good to take a look now. That way we will be prepared when the time comes that we need that reminder.

If you take a look at the picture for this week, you'll see that it's a little different than previous weeks. It's actually an image of a pick axe in front of a barn door. A very old pick axe at that. A little closer look and you'll find some of the dirt towards the bottom of the picture is darker than near the doors.

That pick axe was found in the field in front of that barn, and I believe it was provided by YHWH to help me dig out the earth in front of the barn doors, allowing them to swing freely. You see, I had a more modern two-prong hoe that I used previously for some other work, and it wasn't quite the right tool for that job (although I most certainly would have made it work!).

It likely would have taken longer to get the job done, and with the amount and size of rocks in that dirt it possibly could have broken in the process. That pick axe just ate through the earth like it was nothing, significantly reducing the amount of time for that task. However, there was also an issue with that axe due to its age.

While the wood handle for the pick axe was in surprisingly good shape for lying in a field in the elements for likely decades, it had split from the head of the axe to about eight or nine inches down the handle. As a result, it would not have survived the task of clearing out the dirt, similar to my two prong hoe. The Lord most certainly provides, though. Also found near the barn was a perfectly usable adjustable pipe clamp, which you will also see if you look closely on the picture.

I was able to use the pipe clamp to repair the pick axe handle and, with the help of a couple pairs of tiny hands, was able to clear the dirt in short order! Some may say this was purely chance, luck, or happenstance, however unless we start seeing things like this for what they are we'll never correctly identify the things YHWH does for us.

Now, I did not specifically ask for this pick axe. I mean, even if I did ask for help in this task, I likely would not have asked for that particular tool! He did provide it though, and it was exactly what I needed for the job. And the thing is, He told us that would be the case. He withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11).

If we fear Him, we lack nothing, and if we seek Him, we lack no good thing (Psalm 34:10-11). With Him as our shepherd, we shall not want (Psalm 23:1), and Yeshua confirmed that if YHWH provides for the flowers and birds, He most certainly will provide for His people (Matthew 6:25-33). These promises are all over scripture (Psalm 145:15-16, 19-20, 1 John 3:22, Matthew 7:7-11, John 15:7, etc.), and they are most certainly enough for us to lean on in times of hardship.

He also provides us examples of His provision though, as confirmation of these promises and to further cement our faith in Him. It's important to point out though, that in some of these examples we see hardship and tough times are definitely not promised to be kept from YHWH's people. These are the times when leaning on His promises gets harder, and we have a tendency to start worrying, or wondering if we did something to not deserve His care, or even start trying to make it on our own.

The most well known provision of course, is when He provided manna (Exodus 16) for Israel in the wilderness. The interesting thing about this is that all YHWH had to provide was a form of sustenance for the Israelites. Whatever He provided only had to keep them alive, but He also made sure it tasted good (Exodus 16:31). Of course also He used this as a representation of our future salvation (John 6:48-52).

This manna miracle is referenced quite a few places in scripture, but did you know it's also referenced in Revelation? It is used as a promise to those who overcome (Revelation 2:17). We've also looked at this verse previously when we were wondering about the white stone. We didn't have the benefit of the Hebrew gospels then, so what does this verse say in that version?

Interestingly, the manna portion of the verse is the same, however there is no stone to be found. Instead of a stone, what's provided is a written testimony. More specifically, a good written testimony. The same statement about a new name being written on it is also in the Hebrew version, and that no one is able to read it except the person who received it. So, this version is still motivational despite the lack of a white stone!

Another example of YHWH providing involves Elijah. It occurred during the drought called on by Elijah himself (1 Kings 17:1-6). He was led to a brook and was tended to by ravens. They provided him bread and meat twice a day and he was able to drink from the brook until it dried up from the drought.

That is an interesting part of this particular event. While YHWH provided food for Elijah by using ravens, He chose not to continue to provide water for Elijah through the drought. He provided sustenance out of nothing for Israel in the wilderness, but did not do the same with the water for Elijah. Instead, He sent Elijah to a Gentile widow to be sustained further (1 Kings 17:8-16).

This woman knew of YHWH, since she identified Him to Elijah (1 Kings 17:12), and was running out of food when Elijah arrived. When reading about what Elijah told her to do though, it may seem to be a little off-putting. I mean, he selfishly told her to make him bread first, before her and her son, right?

While this may seem selfish, it was a test of faith for this woman. She had to be willing to give the last food she had to Elijah, knowing YHWH would provide more for her and her son. Not only that, I believe this is also symbolic of an offering to Him. She gave what little she had to YHWH, and He repaid her many times over.

These are important lessons to keep in mind as we go through tough times and hardship. First and foremost, YHWH will provide for those who seek Him and fear Him. He will also give what is asked in the name of Yeshua. But also, we cannot forget to continue to be giving to those in need and helping those He leads us to help. It doesn't matter how little we have at the time.

Take time this week, while you are not in dire need, to thank YHWH for providing all that He has for you. Try to think of times where He has provided you things in similar situations to my pick axe and give thanks for those, too! He will still do those things when times get hard, don't worry!

Shabbat shalom and God bless you!

-Rob and Sara Gene

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