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The Thirty-Eighth (Being Led)

Happy Sabbath! Before I get into being led, I felt I needed to touch on something I came across this week. I'm in a Christian group on a new social media app and someone mentioned a word that's connected with Kabballah. Naturally, someone else pointed it out and mentioned connection with the occult, and then someone else defended it. They even posted a video from someone on youtube talking about images and symbols not necessarily being evil or occultish if they look similar to something that's known to be of occult origin. The example he gave was the compass and square of the freemasons and an ancient Chinese image having the same symbols.

What I want to touch on is making sure you understand that the occult, witchcraft, sorcery, is something we need to stay clear away from as the body of Christ. There are many things we do not understand about the influence and effects in the spiritual of things we encounter in the natural. There are also many things we do not know as to the origin of things like that. In the example the man gave on the video he talked about the compass and square being used to represent things in many different societies/civilizations, so it's not necessarily occultish. My argument is, how did all these different societies come to the same symbols over these great distances? Perhaps an evil spiritual influence that has the ability to travel those distances? Just because it's in multiple civilizations doesn't make it not occultish or evil.

Now, my point is not that all compasses and squares (or any other symbolic component of the occult) are evil. In fact, I have them in my home for woodworking! My point is that you cannot underestimate the influence of evil, or how it can affect your life, so stay away even from its symbolism! I wrote previously about how it can open the door for demonic influence. Also, Derek Prince talked about his experience with some Chinese dragons he had in his home. He thought nothing of it, until the Holy Spirit reminded him of what the dragon represents in scripture and he immediately got rid of them. Once he did that, his previous monetary frustrations with his ministry went away and he never had to worry about having enough funding to fulfill what the Holy Spirit was moving him to do.

One of the greatest deceptions of Satan is the downplay of his influence in the world and how it allows his henchmen to wreak havoc in our lives. "Oh, it's just a picture," or, "oh, it's just a statue," or, "oh, they're just words," when in reality it's the authorization for demonic influence or a curse to come upon you. In order to prevent this, we must be cautious and be led by the Spirit.

There are many references in scripture to people being led by the Holy Spirit. The most significant of course, is Jesus being led into the wilderness to be tempted (Matthew 4:1). I think we sometimes fail to connect the dots on something like that, because it's easy for us to think the Son of God knew everything while He was in His ministry. That was not the case, as Matthew 4:1 shows. If He knew exactly what Yehovah wanted Him to do before He was to do it, He wouldn't need to be led!

Jesus listened and let the Holy Spirit lead and move Him. Yes, He had scripture memorized so He knew what was prophesied about Him, but prophesy and how it comes to pass are two totally different things!

Another key leading of the Holy Spirit can be found in Acts 16. Timothy, Paul and Silas were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to enter Asia. They even went to Mythia, Bythinia and Troas, but were not to preach there. Then, Paul received a vision of a man of Macedonia saying he needed their help. So they went and preached there. Was it easy? No! They were even beaten and thrown in jail! But they saved that jailer and his family. The scriptures don't go into depth on who he was or what he or his family did later in life, but I think the fact that event was recorded indicates something bigger than just the conversion of him and his family.

Was Asia not to receive the gospel at all? No, it just wasn't the right timing. In Acts 19, Paul goes to Ephesus, one of the biggest trading centers in Asia, and preaches. Clearly, being forbidden was a temporary limitation imposed by the Holy Spirit. Whether the reason was the jailer in Macedonia needing salvation, or perhaps some challenge or frustration that they would have come across preventing spreading of the message at that time in Asia, we don't know. But we do know that Yehovah's timing is perfect, so there was a reason for it!

So how can we be led by the Holy Spirit? Much the same way as anything with Him. Ask for His leading, and submit to it! Repent of all sins you have committed, the first step to receiving anything from him, and pray for His leading. He knows your heart, so you can say it however you like, or you can use scripture, like a Psalm, to ask. For example,

Teach me to do Your will,

For You are my God;

Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground. (Psalm 143:10)

Remember, we are sons (and daughters!) of God who are led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14). Let Him lead us to victory over darkness!

We hope you have a wonderful week! Shabbat Shalom and God bless you!

-Rob and Sara Gene

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