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The Fifty-First (Seeds)

How was your week? It went well personally, I hope. As far as the world goes, it seems like there's something new and ridiculous every time we turn around! Seriously though, there are more and more people having tougher and tougher times around the world as the birth pangs for the end get more intense. Keep those people in your prayers daily. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to what you should pray about as that will be the most effective.

This week, we're talking about seeds. You may have heard about the ones that grow plants! Of course, I know you have. But I'm talking about the spiritual seeds today. Previously, I wrote about letting the Holy Spirit lead you. Now, we're talking about letting the Holy Spirit help you.

In fact, the Holy Spirit is called the Helper by Jesus (John 14:26). So let Him help! But what do seeds have to do with helping? Let's take a look. Jesus gave us a parable about seeds (although most bibles title it the parable of the sower). It is recorded in Matthew 13 and Luke 8. Purposely, this is a parable of which the meaning is given, so that we may understand.

We see that the seed is the Word of God in Luke and the Word of the Kingdom in Matthew. The Kingdom of course being the the sovereignty and kingship of Yehovah. In this parable, the person hearing the Word receives the "seed," and based on the "environment" in which the seed is planted the seed will grow or not grow. Growing in good soil, the seed will bring forth fruit. However, in any other condition the seed will not.

This is where the Helper comes in. Us, as believers in the body of Christ spreading His Word, cannot know where the seed of His word is landing as we sow it. We do not know the heart of the individual we are sharing with. Does the person understand it, so the wicked one can't snatch it away? Does the person understand it, but hold it only superficially so when trials and tribulations come it gets scorched and withers away? Or is the person so concerned with worldly things and money it gets choked and produces no fruit?

This is where we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to know the person's heart and nurture that seed we plant. He is here to teach us, even those newly receiving the Word, (John 14:26), convict us of sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16:8), guide us to truth and tell us of things to come (John 16:13). Since we can't know the environment of our seed sowing, we must check ourselves while we sow it and remember to keep an attitude of love and kindness when sowing. Too many times, I have seen posts or videos of people forgetting these fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23) and getting frustrated or aggressive because the person they're trying to sow the seed in disagrees with their stance.

We should take a lesson from James and sow the seeds, letting the Holy Spirit convict those hearing the Word of its truth and how they should live according to it (Acts 15:19-21). This also comes down to trust in Him. We need to trust that He knows what a person needs to hear or what is going to speak to them, and listen.

The other thing we need to remember is open discourse to believers and non-believers is key to spreading truth. Satan and his workings have twisted beliefs and doctrines, sometimes anti-biblically. Many of us have heard and believe those doctrines, and only by talking to each other in love and peace can the Holy Spirit lead us to the truth. Perhaps the person we're talking to, or even we, have a veil in place that prevents the truth from being seen and/or believed. The only way we can come to the truth is by talking about it.

I have either discussed beliefs or doctrines with others or read/watched them and learned something new or modified my own beliefs based on what was written/spoken. Sometimes it was instantaneous. Sometimes, it happened over time as that seed grew and the Holy Spirit led me to other things to create a more full picture that showed me my original beliefs were wrong. And if that can happen to me, it can happen to anyone!

So as we spread the Word in truth, we must always have an open heart to get a seed planted, learn something new and possibly reset our own beliefs! Arrogance and stubbornness in doctrine or beliefs does not give room for the Helper to work and lead us to the truth.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Shabbat Shalom! God bless you!

-Rob and Sara Gene

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